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In order to reduce pollution in London, all coaches operating in the London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) must meet new regulations governing particle exhaust emissions set by Transport for London (TfL). All Redwing's coaches are LEZ compliant.

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Redwing Coaches is London's leading private coach hire operator, with a modern fleet of 58 luxury, air-conditioned coaches available for hire. All our coaches are built to exceptional specifications and maintained regardless of cost. Our drivers are experts, and your journey is planned by professionals with years of experience. Nothing is left to chance.

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We're ready to go wherever you want, whenever you want. We'll meet the earliest plane, boat or train, wide awake and ready to go. Transfers, sightseeing, business trips, day trips or extended tours in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and the Continent - you name it, we'll do it. We're first class, flexible and friendly, and we operate 365 days per year, 24 hours per day. What more could you want from your coach company?

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Photo of the Month - June 2014

Photo of the Month - June 2014 1 July 2014

And the award goes to……Mark Hamilton.

We set our drivers a challenge, take an interesting picture of your coach and we will choose the ‘Photo of the Month’. This image was chosen as the winner by Managing Directors, Paul Hockley and Nigel Taylor and fitted the criteria they were looking for perfectly! We’d like to congratulate our driver Mark Hamilton who took the picture of the month for June.

Have you seen any Redwing Coaches on your travels? Have you got any pictures you more

Driver of the Month - June 2014

Driver of the Month - June 2014 1 July 2014

And the award goes to……Steve Ellis.

We’d like to extend our congratulations to Steve Ellis who was unanimously voted Driver of the Month – June 2014. Steve is pictured with Andy Hodge, Traffic Manager and Nigel Taylor Managing Director.


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