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In order to reduce pollution in London, all coaches operating in the London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) must meet new regulations governing particle exhaust emissions set by Transport for London (TfL). All Redwing's coaches are LEZ compliant.

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Emergency replacement transport

On the rare occasions when London's trains, buses or Underground are out of action due to industrial action or other reasons, many employers like to organise alternative transport for their employees, so that the business is not critically disrupted.

The cost of arranging your own employee transport service is small, set against the costs of business disruption and the longer term problems it may cause.

Plan ahead and be prepared

Of course, often no one knows when such events are going to occur. But when they do, there's a rush to try and start dealing with the problem.

Our advice is to plan ahead and give us a call to discuss the options and the likely costs should such an event happen.

Make us part of your emergency contingency plans.

Then, when trouble occurs you can move into action swiftly and confidently with minimum disruption to your business.

Flight replacement services

When all flights were grounded across much of Europe in April 2010 due to ash clouds from an Icelandic volcano, countless travellers were left stranded in Europe, while others were unable to depart from the UK.

Redwing Coaches responded immediately to requests from tour operators, travel agents and independent travellers, organising numerous journeys to and from the Continent at very short notice.

Any Questions? We're here to help

If you'd like to explore the possibilities, just call Martin Hockley, our helpful Sales Manager, on 020 7733 1124. They'll be pleased to discuss things in more detail and also to explain the typical costs involved.