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In order to reduce pollution in London, all coaches operating in the London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) must meet new regulations governing particle exhaust emissions set by Transport for London (TfL). All Redwing's coaches are LEZ compliant.

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Large scale coach transfers

Sometimes it's necessary to load and move hundreds or even thousands of people from A to B within a very short time slot.

This requires a large number of coaches in the same place at the same time.

The transfer must be run like a military operation, with supervisors on the ground and well-briefed drivers, otherwise the potential for confusion and delay is considerable.

Benefit from Redwing's experience

We are very experienced at planning and executing precision operations like this. Because we own a large fleet of 75 coaches we can usually carry out very large transfers without needing to sub-contract work to secondary operators, which is what a smaller coach company would be forced to do. By keeping all the work in-house we can ensure the perfect quality of our service.

The result is a smooth, fast transfer of perhaps thousands of people within a very limited time slot.

Advance planning is essential

Considerable advance planning is necessary, often including negotiations with local authorities and the police for permission to park numerous coaches at and around the pick up and drop off zones.

Our advice: Large Scale Transfers are strictly for the experts. Don't take risks using smaller, less experienced operators. The potential for disaster is too great.

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