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In order to reduce pollution in London, all coaches operating in the London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) must meet new regulations governing particle exhaust emissions set by Transport for London (TfL). All Redwing's coaches are LEZ compliant.

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Shuttle bus services

Redwing Coaches are very experienced at planning and executing efficient 'Shuttle Bus' services for clients.

Shuttle bus services are often required when a relatively large number of people need to travel between two locations at various times throughout the day.

The coaches involved might operate to a fixed timetable, with published departure times, or they might simply follow a circular route throughout the day.

Typical shuttle service examples include moving delegates to and fro between their hotels and a trade show or exhibition, or between a railway station and a conference centre.

Benefit from Redwing's experience

Considerable forward planning is required, depending on the number of coaches required, the location and the requirements of the local authority.

Close supervision is needed whilst the service is operating to make sure the schedule runs smoothly.

If you're organising a large or small event an efficient shuttle service, using luxury Redwing coaches with friendly, helpful drivers, can make a very positive impression on your guests.

Start planning now

If you'd like to discuss a possible shuttle coach service for your next event, please call our Sales Manager, Martin Hockley, on 020 7733 1124. They are usually in the office from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.